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AKA 1/10 Slicks Super Soft Long Wear Rear 2.2" Off-Road Buggy Tires (2)

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AKA Products is proud to announce the release of the new 1:10 Slicks 2.2 which utilize the popular 2.2 mounting bead for increased performance and consistency. The Slicks 2.2 expand on what was learned with the popular Scribble 2.2 to create a consistent, long lasting, slick tire with minimal ‘break-in’ necessary. An improved carcass design creates the proper amount of elasticity to get the power effectively to the ground, without ’snap,' from the first battery pack to the 20th. The 2wd and 4wd fronts make use of the new and popular V2 front foams which allow for a wider footprint and a smoother less twitchy steering feel.